Session 1

Mastering global supply chain risks

This presentation dives into the evolving challenges impacting international supply chains in 2024 from the perspective of one of the world’s biggest logistics organisations. A.P. Moller – Maersk’s supply chain world encompasses over 130 countries, +100,000 employees, +100,000 customers, over 700 container vessels, 7m square metres of warehouse capacity across 450 sites, and the processing of over 3 billion online business events annually.  

Integrating observations from 2023 risk trends with the developments of 2024, Zera’s presentation identifies key vulnerabilities and forecasts emerging threats across geopolitics, climate, regulatory environments, labour markets, and cybersecurity as she discusses developing a comprehensive strategy for safeguarding supply chains against the complexities of today’s global landscape.

Zera Zheng is Global Head of Business Resilience Consulting at Maersk and has played a pivotal role in enhancing the company’s business and supply chain resilience. Her leadership in the development of resilience programmes, recognised with the Business Continuity Institute Award in 2020, underscores her commitment to industry-wide improvement and innovation. 

Beyond her corporate achievements, Zera has contributed to significant global initiatives, including the UNCTAD Port Resilience Guidebook and sharing her insights through a World Economic Forum blog. Her involvement in crisis and contingency management, alongside contributions to podcasts and participation as a speaker at various forums, highlights her dedication to resilience. Leading the development of the Maersk Supply Chain Resilience Model in 2021, Zera continues to play a pivotal role in advancing the field of supply chain resilience, always with a focus on collective progress and the sharing of knowledge.

Zera Zheng

Zera Zheng

Global Head of Business Resilience at Maersk